Applying for a student home

If you are interested in renting with us you need to register and apply for housing.

Here you can find frequently asked questions about the application process:

Who can apply?

Every student at an educational institution affiliated with Sammen and who has turned 18, may apply. Other students may also apply but will not be prioritized. You will find further information in our allocation rules.

When is the closing date and when will I get an answer?

You can apply throughout the whole year, but if you want housing for the fall semester, you should apply before May 15th. The main allocation process starts May 16th. If you have applied before this, your chances of getting what you wish for is bigger. The rest of the year, rental agreements are issued consecutively. You can make changes in your application until you are eventually issued student housing.

Where do I apply?

You can find your student housing and apply here.

You have to create a user in our “portal”. After that you click on “apply” and after that “apply for home” in the menu on the top of your screen. You will then see a white plus(+) sign in an orange bubble down to the right on your screen. Click on this and you will get an opportunity to register your wishes and apply send your housing application. You can also check out our guide on how to apply.


How do I sign a contract and pay deposit?

If we can fulfil your wish and offer you a student housing, you will get an e-mail from us. If you want to accept the offer, you do this by logging in to My Page and you may either sign your contract by using your Norwegian Bank ID or by SMS code. The deposit has to be paid within the acceptance deadline, which is found and paid via My Page. NB! The deposit invoice is not always ready at the time as the contract. You find the deposit invoice on Min Side. The invoice will be available in the portal approximately one day after you have signed the contract.


How long can I stay in my student home?

You can stay with us for up to five years, but you have to sign a contract each year.


What do I do if I sign a housing contact but do not get accepted to the school?

You can apply anyway and possibly cancel the contract if you follow these rules (applies only for leasing agreements from August 1st)

  • If you give notice before July 24 (June 19 for exchange students), we will withdraw from the contract and return your deposit as soon as possible.
  • If you give notice and cancel your contract after July 24 (June 19 for exchange student) it will be treated as an ordinary cancellation and you will have to relate to the terms for resignation, jfr. Lease § 2.

Message about cancellation must be sent written to Remember to enter your bank account number for a return of your deposit.


I have needs for an arranged living situation and special circumstances. What do I do?

If you require a certain residential environment or adapted housing, it is important that Sammen Housing is notified of this within the application closing date. Please upload documentation on Min Side (register inquiry). You can also send documentation on e-mail to


Do you have student homes for disabled?

We offer specially adapted student homes for disabled students. You can find these in Sørhauggata 100 and Vardatun Student housing.


I have children. Do you have family housing?

If you have or are expecting children, you can apply for family housing. 


Are pets allowed?

Pets are unfortunately not allowed in our student housing. Exceptions are made for guide dogs for blind people.


Remember to check your e-mail!

A big part of our communication happens through e-mail. That is why it is very important that you check that your e-mail from Sammen do not end up in your spam-file. If it does, it is important that you change your settings.