Moving out


If you wish to move out beofre the end of your tenancy you have to remember to terminate your tenancy agreement. You register the termination on your agreement on You will find the terms of termination in your tenancy agreement §2 Tenancy period.

NOTE! If you have a new agreement from august 1st you will loose this when terminating the preceeding agreement.

Cleaning when moving out

When you are moving out you have to clean the whole residence. If you live in a room witch shared facvilities you will be assigned an area of this to clean as well. Contact the house keeper in good time befor moving out to arrange for check-out. That way you will be sure they are available to check your cleaning on the day you plan to move out.

Make a request for an appointment via this form

If you have a check-out with the house keeper they will let you know if any of the cleaning is not approved, and you will be able to correct it. If you have handed over your keys, you will not have this opportunity. This means that any lack of cleaning/shortcomings will be corrected by our staff and billed.

Here you have a check-list for cleaning:

Single room

Shared single room

Handing over the keys

On the information board in your housing you will find a plastic pouch with envelopes meant for your keys. Fill in your information on the front, put in your keys, seal the envelope and deliver to the house keeper, in our administration or in one of our mail boxes marked with our Saman logo.