How to pay rent and deposit, and how to gey your deposit refunded?

Paying your deposit

The deposit for your student accommodation must be paid to Sammen Housing within the same deadline as for signing the housing agreement. The deposit invoice is not always ready at the time of the contract. You can find this on My Page.


Your invoice is available at My Page. the first workday of every month. The payment is due on the 15th of the same month. You can create electronic invoice, so that you do not have to pay the invoice manually. You can do this in your online bank the first time you pay your invoice.

Return of deposit

Your deposit is transferred 4-6 weeks after your contract expires providing the cleaning inspection is approved and all your bills are paid. Please make sure to update your banking information, including your bank account number, at My Page.


Lindorff is our debt collection agency handling our payment reminders. If you have received a letter from Lindorff, you need to contact them directly as your case has then been handed over. The name of your case handler and your subject number is stated in the letter. 

Electricity payment

Most accommodations receive the electricity bill as an own line on the invoice. The energy price can be regulated during the year.

Some of our apartments on Vardatun have direct invoices from an electrical supplier.

If you have any questions related to electricity, you can send an inquiry through My Page.