Moving in



Opening hours


Are you moving in to our student housing? Here is what you need to know!

Read your tenancy agreement

You will find your tenancy agreement on your page in bo.sammen. When you sign your agreement you also accept all the terms an conditions tide to the agreement. It is therefore important that you read the agreement and attachments so that you are aware of what you are committing to.

Did you sign your tenancy agreement?

When you have read your tenancy agreement w/attachments and agree to the terms and conditions it is time to sign it. You can sign with the phone number you have registered with us or sign on screen.

What about the deposit?

The deposit has to be registered within the terms of the tenancy agreement.  You will find the invoice for your deposit on My Page the day after you signed the Tenancy Agreement.

When can you move in?

In your tenancy agreement you will find a start-date for your tenancy. It is from this date you will be able to collect your keys and move in. If this date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday you will have to wait until the next working day as stated in the tenancy agreement §8 Handing over the premises - taking possesion.

NOTE! Remember that the deposit has to be payed in time for the tenancy agreement to be valid.

Collecting your keys

Remember ID when collecting your keys.

The keys will be handed over from our janitor in Vieåsen during opening hours.
Contact our janitor Kåre Rune to make an appiontment for collecting the keys over the phone on 975 98 902 or email

If you're not able to come within opening hours you can get someone to collect the keys for you. If so you will have to send us a confirmation of this in writing with the name of the person collecting the keys in you place.

Reporting defects and cleaning

When you have collected your keys you will get access to reporting cases on bo.sammen. Make sure your room is clean and in order when you move in, so you can report any defects.