Sammen Housing is offering free broadband from Get in all of our houses.

Username and password:
Username and password for the router is found under the router or inside the door frame in your accommodation. If you can't find it, contact Get.

Problems connecting?
Check out these tips!

The agreement:
- Broadband 10/10 Mbit
- Wireless router
- Optional digital TV Start. Extra cost -  see get.no for more info.

PS. You will be able to use your own router and it will also be possible to use a cable.

Need a TV-package or faster broadband?
If you want a TV-package or a faster broadband you can contact Get Bergen on tel. 55 53 01 30 or bergen@get.no.

Contact info
For all questions, complaints, orders etc, contact Get Bergen tel. 55 53 01 30 or bergen@get.no.