Internet from GET is free in all our student homes.

You have your own personal router and internet, and Wi-Fi is also available in several of our common areas.

NB. as a new resident, you must take a mandatory fire prevention course before your Internet access opens.

Username and password:
Username and password for the wireless router is found either under the router or at the inside of the door frame in your home. If you do not find it, you need to contact GET.

Problems logging in?
Read these tips!

The agreement:
– Broadband
– Wireless router
– Optional digital TV – Start. Contact GET for more information.

PS: You may use your own router. Cable is also an available option.

Do you need a TV-package or faster broadband?
If you wish a TV-package or faster broadband, you can contact GET by phone, 55 53 01 30, or by e-mail at bergen@get.no for information concerning prices.

Contact information
All questions, orders, and complains must be directed to GET Bergen by phone, 55 53 01 30, or by e-mail at Bergen@get.no.

OBS: If you contact GET by phone, make sure you get in contact with GET Bergen. When lines are busy, calls are transferred to Oslo.