Program Christmas 2021

If you want to be social during Christmas, there is a lot going on at our student housing. Check out the Christmas program below. Welcome, everyone!

14.12: Christmas workshop and Game Night by Sammen at Studentsenteret
 Christmas Quiz at Klubb Fantoft and Campfire at Olavsbu by Sammen
16.12: Lord of the Rings: The return of the King at Klubb Fantoft 
17.12: Cabin trip to the Sammen cabin arranged by Grow2gether
19.12: Hike to Fløyen arranged by Sammen Studentliv
20.12: Christmas Movie Marathon in Klubb Fantoft 
21.12: Harry Potter 1-3 in Klubb Fantoft 
22.12: Harry Potter 4-6 in Klubb Fantoft 
23.12: Harry Potter 7-8 in Klubb Fantoft 
24.12: Free Christmas porridge at Trene Sammen Fantoft when the center opens. Klubb Fantoft shows cartoons in the morning and arranges a Christmas dinner in the evening. Christmas dinner also at Alrek.
25.12: Christmas movies in the basement at Alrek.
26.12: Trene Sammen Fantoft shows a football match in the reception.
27.12: Cabin trip to the Sammen cabin arranged by Grow2gether
31.12: News years slumber party/movie marathon at the common room at Alrek

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PS. There will be a limit of maximum 20 people on indoor events and a maximum of 10 people on cabin trips. You are responsible for keeping up to date on the authorities' rules and guidelines for infection control at and at for local regulations.