Pest control

Procedure if you suspect bedbugs in your accommodation

When you notify us:

  1. The cleaning department will immediately contact Anticimex (vermin control).
  2. Anticimex will come and check your accommodation. If you are present they will be able to provide you with information and answer your questions.
  3. The cleaning department will provide you with information and will assist with investigation and monitoring. We will start to treat the room with heat treatment/steaming the bed and the area around. The bed must be placed at least 30 cm from the wall during the treatment period.
  4. Anticimex will come the upcoming Thursday between 09:00 and 15.00 to treat the accommodation, or before if they have the opportunity. Unfortunately it’s difficult to give an exact time for when they will arrive.

This is what you have to do:

  • You have to pack all clothes, duvets, pillows and blankets in suitcases, bags or black plastic bags. Label everything with your name and room number and take it to the freezer. It is not necessary to include books, ornaments etc. NB! Remember to have enough clothes for the following  week. You have to wash these clothes on 60 degrees. Clothes that can’t be washed on 60 degrees have to be examined well and washed on 40 degrees. Dryer recommended.
  • Anticimex will put the bed/frame in the freezer and you will get a new one.
  • We will lend you a new duvet, pillow and linen.
  • It is important that you wipe/wash the floor before treatment.
  • Please bring all your packed clothes and belongings to the entrance of E-block the same day as Anticimex treats your room. You can get your things back after one week. Please arrange this with the cleaning department. We will be available Monday - Friday from 08:00 to 09:00. Contact us in the administration opposite of Klubb Fantoft.

About the treatment:

  • Usually two treatments are enough, but it all depends on how long the bedbugs have been in your room. Therefore it is very important that you report it as soon as possible, so that we can start treating your room and achieve the quickest and best results.
  • Anticimex uses the chemical «Stingray ME» which contains alcohol ethoxylate/alpha-cypermethrin. They recommend that you are out of the room during the treatment and 4 hours after. You can vacuum clean and wash, but not all the way along the lists/frames until after two weeks.
  • After the first treatment it may still be some bedbugs coming out. These will get the chemicals on them and eventually die out.
  • Anticimex will control the room after about four weeks (uses Stingray ME) and a new control after 12 weeks. After four weeks, we will, if necessary, take all clothes and the bed in freezer again and the washing procedure must be repeated.

NB! You don’t have to pay anything for the treatment. We will cover all the expenses for Anticimex, freezing, changing of beds and linens.


First treatment:

  1. Beds + assets in freezer
  2. The room is treated with a vacuum cleaner, ice and Stingray ME
  3. New bed is inserted in the room with tape around its feet. The bed must be placed at least 30 cm from the wall in 4 weeks.

Second treatment (after four weeks):

  1. Control
  2. A: No bedbugs: Rooms sprayed with Stingray ME
  3. B: Bedbugs: New treatment, assets + bed in freezer

Third treatment (after 12 weeks):

  1. Control
  2. A: No bedbugs: Done
  3. B: Bedbugs: New treatment


The cleaning department will a few days in advance send you a reminder regarding the second and third treatment.

If you need help or more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck!

Read more about our bedbug procedures.

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