Vermin control

Procedure if you suspect vermins in your accommodation

If you suspect there are vermin in your room, you immediately need to contact Sammen Cleaning via e-mail and describe the problem. As a tenant you will not be charged anything. Sammen pays all the costs for Anticimex, freezing, new bed, and new bed clothes. Remember to give us your phone number in the e-mail so the cleaning department can reach you. This e-mail is checked regularly during working hours, and it is the most efficient way to contact us.

Our routines for handling vermin in the student homes are highly effective, and as a tenant you will be followed up to ensure any issues are handled in the best way possible. We have a close collaboration with both Anticimex, who carry out the pest control, and Sammen Mental Health Care Centre if you need further follow-up.

We recommend everyone to have flour, rice, cereals etc in tight and closed boxes/bags to avoid flour beetles.

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Please note that certain vermin might be transmitted between rooms. We ask you most urgently to not remove anything from your room or sleep over elsewhere until Sammen Renhold have inspected your room.