How to use Sammen's laundry rooms

Your laundry online:

This payment method does not apply to Frydenbø, Solheimslien 68 and Nattland Student Housing.

Damgårdsveien and Løbergsveien use a tag. All other accommodations use laundry card.


1. Print your username and password on the printer by inserting your laundry card in to/holding the tag in front of the printer.

2. Log on to your laundry (see links above). You can change the password during the first login.

3. Select «Balance/Payment» and then «Payment Account».

4. Choose the amount you wish to pre-pay. You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron or Maestro.

5. Follow the instructions. Once confirmation is received, the money is transferred to your laundry account and your card/tag can be used in all laundries immediately.

With the laundry card you can:

  • Use the washing machine and the dryers
  • Transfer money to the laundry card
  • Make reservations for the washing machines
  • Get a free sms when the laundry is ready (Norwegian numbers only). SMS-reminders can be activated through the Internet or in the laundry.
  • When moving out you can transfer money back from the card to your account

Loss of laundry card

Your laundry card is personal. It is very important that you make a refund to your account if you lose your laundry card. Please contact SiB information desk at the Student center to block your card. You have to pay for a new card.


If you have transferred too much money to your laundry card you can log in to the laundry and return the residual amount back to your bank account. Note that this may take 3-4 days because of the bank.

Having trouble refunding money from the laundry cardIf there has been a long time since youtransferred the money there are some credit cards that have refund block. Contact your bank for assistance.

NB! Do not stop the machine during the programthen you have to pay for a new start.


Reservations can be done either on the Internet or directly in the laundry. If no reservations have been made, vacant machines can be used. Your reservation is valid for 15 minutes, after which the reserved machines are released and can be used by others. Dryers cannot be reserved.


Are always available in the price list.


Problems with login, payment or reservations? Read these tips:

  1. The preferred browser to use is Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is not recommended.
  2. If other browsers are used, please make sure that a new version is used and that necessary 'plug-ins' and Java are installed.
  3. Mac can also be used with updated version of browser and 'plug-ins' installed.
  4. If your screen-shot is incomplete after login - check if pop up blocking is on.
  5. Username is case sensitive. It's difficult to see the difference between 0 (zero) and O (uppercase), between 1 (one) and I (uppercase). Remember LARGE letters. Most of the characters are letters, but numbers are also used.
  6. Username can be entered with or without spaces.
  7. It is important to distinguish between UPPERCASE and lowercase letters in the passwords
  8. You can change username and password at any time. If you have access to multiple laundries and want to use one or more of them, you have to repeat the procedure in those laundries.
  9. You can always log on with username and password issued by the administration if you should happen to forget your own.

Typical issues related to the payment:

For payments over the Internet, card issuers often require that you identify yourself via 3D secure. This means that you have to use the same identification as you do when you pay with your credit cards or pay your bills on the Internet. Usually with a code chip called Bank ID (if you have a Norwegian bank account).

Therefore, you have to apply the same details when paying for laundries as when paying your bills through your bank on the Internet.

Most common error messages for rejected payment in the laundry system:

  • "Wrong account number" - try again.
  • "Due date is expired" - use another card with valid expire date.
  • "Wrong CVV-number" - try again. CVV-number (three numbers) is available on the backside of your credit card.
  • "No cover" - your bank has rejected your payment because of no funds in the account.

Please contact your bank/card issuer if the above mentioned is checked and you still have problems. They will help you to solve your payment problem and explain why they have refused your payment.