An overview of our laundries can be found here.


Get started with appWash:

  1. Download the app "appWash by Miele" from Google Play or Appstore
  2. Sign up
  3. Top up balance 
  4. Select machine
  5. Select program on the machine
  6. Load and start

Errors on machines or questions regarding appWash: 
Use the chat function in the app to report errors. AppWash will be notified of the correct user, etc. in the same message. We recommend everyone to use chat in the app, but can also be used. If you send an e-mail, it is important to provide information about the machine number that you have problems with and your name.



  1. Visit and log in with your original username and password. If that does not work you have to send an email to with the card number on your laundry card.
  2. Once you have logged in, click on «Account» and enter your name etc. Remember to enter your email address in order to be sent a new password if you forget this. The email address must be confirmed with a code they send you.


Further use of the site:

  • «Laundry state» shows information from the laundry. «Time left» of the machines if they are busy, as well as «idle» (available) or «reserved from».
  • «Reservations»: reservations of machines are added here. Click «New» and select date. Then select the period of the machine you want to reserve (eg. machine 6 at 10:00 - 11:30).
  • «Reload»: this is where you add money to the laundry card. Enter your email address, accept terms and select amounts. Press the «Payment» button. You will then be transferred to a new window where you will enter your card information.
  • «Purchases»: Shows your consumption registered in the system.

The laundry card/tag enables you to:

  • Open the door to the laundry
  • Use the washing machine and tumble dryer
  • Transfer money to your laundry card
  • Reserve laundry time
  • Receive an SMS reminder of your reservation. This service is free of charge (applies to Norwegian phone numbers only). SMS notification may be activated at the laundry and through the Internet.

If you have paid too much into your account: Log in to one of the laundries and send the remaining amount on your laundry card back to your account. It will take between three and four days before the money is in your account. This is due to bank procedures and is beyond our control.

Unfortunately, you can only refund your last payment to yourself, and the payment must have been made within the last six months. Consequently, it would be wise not to pay a too high amount at a time and to ensure your card is empty before making a new payment.

Reservation of laundry time
Reservation of laundry time may be done both through the Internet and directly at the laundry. If you do not wish to reserve laundry time, you may use available machines at the laundry.

The reservation is valid for 15 minutes after the reserved time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your reserved time, the machine will be free for others to use.

You may not reserve time for use of tumble dryer.

Do not stop the machine while it is running, you will then have to pay for a new washing programme.

Laundries with soap dispenser
Laundries at Fantoft, Brann Stadion and Hans Tanks gate has a soap dispenser, and you can buy wash including soap for 25 NOK. Tumble dryer is free of charge.

If you are allergic, you can choose to not use soap and instead add a soap capsule or a "washing ball" with your own detergent directly into the mashine.

Current prices are found in our price list.

Any problems?
If you experience any problems, please check this page for tips.