Jekteviken Student Housing

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Jekteviken Studentboliger [Room nr]
Jekteviksbakken 25
5006 Bergen

See Skyss's Travel Planner to see how to get here.

Bike parking
There are bicycle stalls in the basement. Bicycles must be marked with a valid sticker which can be found at your servicesenter. The sticker is valid for one year at a time and must be renewed every year, this is to have control over which bicycles are left behind and which bicycles are in use. Unmarked bicycles are removed.

On your housing invoice, common expenses for energy that cover hot water, ventilation, elevator, outdoor lighting and other technical installations are included. In addition to this, you need to make an agreement with an energy company for energy consumption in your own home. If you do not arrange this, BKK sends invoices directly and uses “the duty of delivery”, which is a very expensive alternative compared to having an agreement.

Outside the student housing there is a garbage shaft that opens with BIR tags. Find your nearest glas and metal recycling station here.

HC toilets for guests
On each floor there is a HC toilet for guests.

There are ovens with thermostatically controlled regulation. All ovens are set to a core temperature of 18 degrees, but you can set the temperature up and down 6 degrees. The bathroom is regulated from a central system. In order to regulate this you must report the desired temperature in a damage report to Sammen Housing.

At the top floor there is a day time nursery, Jekteviken kindergarten. Outdoor play area attached to the kindergarten is available for the residents after closing time.

Everyone has their own mailbox in the basement that will open with the room key. 

There is only HC parking in Jekteviken. Read more about rules and how to book parking here.

Storage room
All accommodations have their own storage room. The storages are marked with room numbers at the 1st floor, in both apartment blocks. Accommodation number 208 and 308 have a storage room in their accommodation.

There will be information about TU at Jekteviken as soon as possible.

Washing machine
There is no laundry in the building, but the apartments have arrangements for private washing machines in the bathroom, either on the wall or in the sink.