Cleaning tips

Recommendations for cleaning equipment and products.

For a start, we advise using as little soap as possible and we further recommend:

  • Microfiber cloths and mops: These should be damp, not wet as this will reduce the effect. When you use microfiber cloths, you do not need soap because the microfibers break the surface tension and loosen the dirt from the surface.

  • Bathroom: Microfiber cloths removes most of the dirt on tiles, sink and toilet. If not cleaned regularly, we recommend Jif Cream Cleaner. Remember to rinse well with hot water. A microfiber cloth is also the best option for mirrors. A clean and wrung out cloth will give the mirror shine.

  • Kitchen: A microfiber cloth works well for shiny taps and a clean sink. In the kitchen, there is usually more grease, and we recommend you use Zalo to remove it. Use as little cream cleaner as possible as it will scratch the surface and make food stick. Use only Zalo for cleaning the fridge. The stove can handle a rougher treatment, but we recommend scrubbing and Zalo also for this. Always wipe the cooktop and oven clean after use and you might avoid having to scrub.

  • Your room: We recommend hoovering or dry mopping before you clean. If there is a lot of dirt/sticky substances, a few drops of “Allrent” might do the trick. OBS: Do not use too much soap as it makes the floor sticky.

  • Windows: Use a microfiber cloth. If you use and ordinary cloth, you may clean with Zalo and a dash of household ammonia. If you use ammonia, only use cold water as the ammonia will evaporate and cause irritation to your eyes, nose and throat.

Where cleaning products are concerned, we recommend you use as little as possible of sprays, ammonia, and bleach.

We wish you good luck with the cleaning. Please contact us for feedback and questions at