How to wash?

Recommendations for cleaning equipment and products.

Basically you should use a minimum of soap and this is what we recommend:

  • Microfiber cloths and mops: These should be moist, not wet, to get the best result. If you are using microfibercloths you are not supposed to use soap because the microfibers breaks the surface tension and gets the dirt to detach from the surface.

  • Bathroom: Microfiber can be used on tiles, sinks and toilets. If you rarely wash, we recommend to use Jif cream (the yellow one). Rinse well with warm water. On mirrors microfiber is the best. A clean and moist cloth makes the mirror shiny and nice.
  • Kitchen: Microfiber cloths are good for getting shiny taps and a clean sink. Kitchens often have a more fatty surface and then we recommend to use Zalo. Use a minimal of detergents that scratches and allows food to stick. You can also wash the refrigerator and the stove with Zalo. Wipe the stove top and oven after use so you do not need to scour.

  • Floor: When washing the floor, we recommend using microfiber mops. Is there a lot of dirt you can use a few drops of "Allrent». Note! Do not use too much soap, this will make the floors sticky.
  • Rooms: To wash/wipe dust we recommend that you vacuum clean or use a dry mop before washing with microfiber cloth. A lot of dust will stay at the floor if you use a wet cloth directly at the dust.
  • Windows: Use a microfiber cloth. By using common cloth: use Zalo with a splash of ammonia. By using ammonia, use cold water because ammonia would otherwise evaporate and irritate eyes/nose/throat.

Of cleaning products it is recommended to use the minimum spray products, ammonia and chlorine.

We wish you good luck with the cleaning. Please contact us for feedback and questions.