Klostergaten 2-4

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Klostergaten 2-4 + room number
5005 Bergen

See Skyss's Travel Planner to see how to get here.

Sammen Housing owns two floors in Klostergaten, the remaining apartments are privately owned. This means that you have to pay extra attention to your neighbors. If you have social gatherings, give them a little warning.

Bike parking
You can park your bike in the basement, in the storage room. Bicycles must be marked with a valid sticker which can be found at your servicesenter. The sticker is valid for one year at a time and must be renewed every year, this is to have control over which bicycles are left behind and which bicycles are in use. Unmarked bicycles are removed.

Common area
In Klostergaten, residents have responsibility for cleaning their own floor, kitchen, bathroom and common room. Sammen Housing is responsible for the cleaning of entrance hall and stairs.

The electricity is billed together with the rent.

Garbage and recycling
The main garbage shaft is located in Klostergaten. Access with BIR tag. Remember to tie the bags well together. Find your nearest glas and metal recycling station here.

There is a mobile recycling station in the city center Wednesdays from 15-19 by Klosteret by the garbage shafts. The car takes care of objects that should not be thrown into the regular garbage, either because of the size or the contents. Sort the waste before delivering.

The residents in Klostergaten have their own washing machine on each floor.

The mailboxes are located in the entrance hall.

Unfortunately, we do not offer parking in the city center

Storage of furniture
Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to store furniture that you do not want to use. You can keep this somewhere else, but we note that when you move out all furniture must be returned (missing will be billed). Everything you have bought yourself must also be removed when moving out. Mirrors glued to doors etc will be removed at the expense of the resident.

Storage room
The storage room can be found in the basement. Use your room key for access. Do not put valuable items in the storage room and always make sure that it is securely locked. Please note that storage is done at your own risk and that the storage room must be emptied when you move out.