Applying for a student home

Information about the application process.

Who can apply?
Every student at an educational institution affiliated with Sammen and who has turned 18, may apply. Other students may apply also, but will not be prioritized. You will find further information in our allocation rules.

Closing date for applications
If you require housing from 1st of August, the closing date is the 15th of April (other rules for international students). Beyond the main allocation process, housing is granted consecutively.

Processing of applications
As soon as your application has been sent, Sammen Housing will give a confirmation of the application being received. You can watch your status by logging in at My Page.

  • “Application uprocessed” means the application awaits processing.
  • “Assigned contract” means a rental agreement has been sent to My Page to be signed and returned before the closing date.
  • “Accepted” means your acceptance of the rental agreement has been registered.  

Allocation of student homes
Rental agreements for the autumn semester are issued from the 16th of April. The rest of the year, rental agreements are issued consecutively.

If it is in our capacity to grant you a student home, you will find your rental agreement at My Page. You will receive a notification by e-mail. To accept the offer, you must either sign with BankID, download the signed rental agreement in PDF format from My Page, or return the signed agreement by e-mail to within the closing date of the agreement. If you decline the offer, your application will be deleted.

How long can I stay in the residence?
You can stay with us for up to five years, but you must sign a New contract every year.

I do not know whether I have a place on a study programme in the autumn
You may still apply and then later decline the offer in accordance with the following rules (applies solely to rental agreements from the 1st of August):

  • If you notify us before the 25th of July, we will cancel the contract and return your deposit as soon as possible.
  • I you cancel the agreement after the 25th of July, the cancellation will be treated as a regular cancellation and you must comply with the notice clause, section 2 in the rental agreement.

Your notification of cancellation must be sent in writing to Remember to specify your bank account number for refund of the deposit.

Short term lease
Sammen Housing offers short term lease. Read more here.

Special circumstances
If you require a certain residential environment or adapted housing, it is important that Sammen Housing is notified of this within the application closing date. Please upload documentation together with your application. If this does not work, you may send an e-mail to

Student homes for disabled
We offer specially adapted student homes for disabled students. These are located in Damsgårdsveien, at Gyldenpris, at Grønneviksøren, in Jekteviken, and at Fantoft TRE Studenthousing.

Regretfully, pets are not allowed in our student homes. Guide dogs are exempt from this rule.

All our communication is carried out via e-mail. Consequently, it is important for you to ensure that e-mails from Sammen do not end up in your spam folder. If it does, please change your e-mail settings.