Someone to talk to?

During your studies you will probably experience some challenges. Sammen Mental Health can help you with these. If you need to contact us, you'll meet experienced counsellors and psychologists.

Our counsellors and psychologists can help you with problems relating to your studies, conversations regarding personal problems or treatment of mental health issues.  We offer individual counselling, group therapy and a variety of courses. The services are free for students who have paid the semester fee to Sammen, but please note that there are fees for no-show to appointments or missing cancellations.

Book an appointment at +47 55 96 88 44

Phone hours: Monday through Thursday 1000-1400 and 1530-1900, Friday 1000-1400
Appointments with psychologists or counsellors can be done through video call if you like.

If you contact us by phone, please make sure you can talk in private. You can also book an appointment at our reception at the Student center. Email cannot be used due to requirements for safety of personal information.

Inquiries to Sammen Mental Health will be allocated continuously. Your reason for contacting us and our capacity will determine whether your first appointment will be with a counsellor or a psychologist.

  • An offer will be given for treatment of mental health issues varying in degree and severity. With individual follow-up the offer is of shorter duration. With follow-up in groups there is a possibility for a longer duration.
  • You don't need a referral from a doctor to book an appointment.
  • From the time you contact us there is usually a 3-4 week wait for an appointment. At times with high demands the wait may be longer. For minor issues that can be solved through one or two conversations we recommend that you book an appointment with our counsellors.


Counselling is a service for students who need someone to talk to or wants advice and guidance. 

Typical enquiries could be a lack of structure in your studies, a lack of concentration, or if you struggle to find motivation. Other common topics are loneliness, relations within your family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend or if you experience a loss

Studying can bring periods with a lot of stress. Counsellors can help the students handle a busy everyday-life filled with worries, restlessness or depression.

Mental health issues can for some students lead to very demanding days and affect their academic performance in a negative way. Anxiety, depression, addiction and a variety of traumas are examples of inquiries to our psychologists.

Cancelling your appointment. 
Cancel your appointment as soon as you possible can. If you cancel on the day of your appointment, or the day before you'll have to pay a fee of 200 NOK. If you don't show up without notifying us, you'll have to pay 400 NOK.

We have a wide array of courses where you can learn stress management, study mastery, mindfulness and much more. Click here to see all courses available.

Support schemes if ill or disabled.
There are different facilitation options if you are ill or have disabilities. Our counsellors can answer questions about different support schemes at Lånekassen, and about different benefits at NAV.

If you have questions related to your studies, i.e. score limits, admission, approval of earlier education or credits, please contact the student adviser at your educational institution.

Questions about studying abroad? Please contact ANSA.

Treatment via internet.
We offer «Assistert selvhjelp» via internet as a support along with your primary contact. Students who wish to have their treatment via internet can find more information at and contact them directly for more information and possibly an assessment appointment. We can also provide more information if necessary.

If you need emergency services please contact Bergen Legevakt or Livskrisehjelpen.