We have climbing walls and bouldering rooms in Fantoft and Lehmkuhl, and we offer skilled instructors, climbing courses, and climbing competitions. Climbing walls and courses are open to everyone.


With its two climbing walls and a bouldering room, Fantofthallen offers challenges for everyone. The main wall is 10,5 metres high and offers between 35 and 40 routes, moving from vertical to overhanging and with a grade span of approximately 3 to 8. The blue wall is 8 metres high, moving from slab to vertical with routes spanning from approximately grades 3 to 6. We also have a spacious bouldering room with every level of problems.



With its 15 metres and between 40 and 48 routes, the climbing wall in Lehmkuhlhallen is the largest of our walls. The routes are mainly vertical, but on the hydraulic driven tilting wall you may do some brutally steep climbing as well! The routes in Lehmkuhlhallen spans from grade 4 and upwards. The bouldering room offers problem solving on vertical and overhanging walls and excellent conditions for climbing workouts.

Climbing introduction course

Our experienced instructors give a thorough introduction to climbing and belaying methods for both top rope and lead climbing. No prior experience is required to participate.

Duration: 12 hours
Time: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00.
In addition, there are two follow-up lessons, usually between 7 to 10 days after the course weekend. Exact time will be set during the course.

The course fee includes two individual training sessions you may use before the follow-up lessons.


Students and Sammen Trening members: NOK 900
Others: NOK 1100
Payment upon attendance.

Courses are held every weekend throughout the autumn until the weekend of 2 and 3 December. Courses alternate between Fantoft- and Lehmkuhlhallen. Please see our booking page for a full overview of our courses and booking information.



Rules and regulations for the use of our climbing facilities

  1. Our fee must be paid in advance.
  2. A climbing certification (“klatrekort”)/belay certification (“brattkort”) is required. If you do not have a “brattkort”, you need to rent an instructor or be accompanied by a person with a “klatrekort”. (A release of liability form must be filled out for each session.) Only persons over the age of 18 may supervise people without a climbing certification.
  3. People under the age of 18 need a written permit from a parent or guardian.
  4. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18.
  5. UIAA approved gear is required for all climbing.
  6. Shoes (slab or indoor shoes) are mandatory. NB: The use of climbing shoes is restricted to the climbing area.
  7. The rope must be clipped into every required quickdraw.
  8. All top-roping must be carried out with the rope clipped into the top anchor and where necessary clipped into quickdraws to avoid pendulum falls.
  9. Bouldering (climbing without a rope) above the first quickdraw and in routes that are taken, is prohibited.
  10. Do not use loose chalk in the climbing area. Chalk bag or ball is mandatory.
  11. All personal injuries must be reported to the reception staff, who keeps a log.
  12. The staff are entitled to expel people from the premises or deny any person they find unfit the use of the climbing facilities.
  13. The audience must leave the premises immediately upon closing.
  14. Every climber must keep their belay certification clearly visible in their harness due to

Always remember the following when climbing:

Buddy check

Clipping the rope correctly into the slings

Stand close to the wall when belaying

Screwgate for the delay device must be clipped into the main sling of the harness only.