Time2Staff connect people who need decent flexible work to companies in the hospitality industry. Fun fact: Students call us “Tinder for jobs”.

Time2Staff provide everyone with job opportunities and quick payments. The Time2Staff app is a platform in which workplaces throughout Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

What is Time2Staff’s mission and vision?

Our mission is to create more smiles with every job ad on our app by increasing the wage of the staff and decreasing the cost for our clients. We will tirelessly work towards our vision of removing all the middlemen functioning in the hospitality industry with our innovative efficient business model.

The students that visit us during Externship will get a tour around our cute little office, and they will meet our CEO, support hero, one or two interns, and most likely a member of the technical department.

We can have 2-4 students visiting us. Relevant education background can be: System dynamics, economics, marketing, HR, social science, psychology. 

Motivation is important if you want to have Externship with us. You should have good communication skills and be interested in innovation.