The wifi is free for all our residents. This page contains the information you need concerning how to connect and use the wifi.

You have your own personal router and internet. You will find the router on the wall in your room.

Username and password:
Username and password for the wireless router is found either under or on the back of your router. If you do not find it, you need to contact Telia.

Problems logging in?
Read these tips!

In some cases, you may need to reset your box. To do this, remove the box from the wall, below or on the side you will find a small hole marked with reset. You can use a pen or other tip to press the button in the hole. Press until the lights on the box turn off and wait for them to come back om again. It may take a few minutes come up again with all lights.

You may use your own router. Cable is also an available option.

Do you need a TV-package or faster broadband?
If you wish a TV-package or faster broadband, you can contact Telia by phone 924 05 050 for information concerning prices.

Contact information
All questions, orders, and complains must be directed to Telia by phone 92405050. 

The Telia costumer center may locate your connection with the Mac no. found on the box.