How to apply for accommodation

Go to

1. In the upper right corner, you can choose language. Click on the flag to view the English version of the website.


2. Register by clicking "Login My Page" and choose "Create a new account". Follow the instructions and fill in your information.

login.png 3. When you are logged in you will find a menu for "New search" in the top bar. Click it and choose "Apply for housing".

new search.png

4. Click the plus sign in the bottom right corner to start registering your application. This will take you to a selection of queues. To be able to give you a housing at the correct city you have to select the queue spesified for your location.

Click next to register your housing preferences.

5. If you already know another exchange student you would like to share a room with, please let us know in your applicant details. You have a line in the form for registering a cohabitant called "Hvis aktuelt: Navn på samboer i bolig". Both appliccants have to put each other as their cohabitant for us to take this into consideration.

6. In the next step, you select your housing preferences by checking the boxes to the right of the listing. You can choose up to 3 options here and click "next" to prioritize your list and save the application. Please not that we can not promise you any of your preferences, but we will try our best. 


7. When you click "save" your application will be registered.