Lost or forgotten key?

Locked out of the dorm? Securitas helps when our office is closed afternoons, evenings or holidays.

You can call them on: 22 57 73 20 and state your address.

  • It costs NOK 625 per time
  • You must be able to show identification

Weekdays between 8 - 15:30 we are happy to help you free of charge. Then you can reach our staff at the premises on mobile: 908 48 656

Possible errors could be:

If your key tag works on the main door but not on your room door, it is possible that it has not been updated. The update has to done regularly and it is done by holding it in front of the reader by the main door for about 5-10 seconds, until it has finished flashing before entering the code. If you enter the code a little too quickly, it will light up red before it turns green, which means it has not been updated.

Also make sure that the door is not in lock mode when you close it, then it will lock automatically like a snap lock, and you could risk being locked out with the key on the inside. With a green light, it is in open mode and with an orange/red light, it is in lock mode.