Student Councellor

Life doesn't always go as planned. This service let you talk about things at school or in life that is hard to cope with.

Regular themes you can discuss with the student counsellor:

My rights

  • When I need facilitation
  • When cooperating with other agencies
  • Related to the progression in your studies

Mastering your studies

  • When you struggle with your concentration
  • When you experience a lack of motivation in your studies
  • When you feel uncertain in your choice of education
  • When you need guidance to studying more effectively
  • When the exams stress you out to the point where you’re unable to show your skills appropriately
  • When you’re dealing with a constant feeling of unrest which makes you tired
  • When you’re so stressed out and are unable to accomplish what you set out to do
  • When you struggle with the transition from lower to higher education


  • When you struggle in a relationship
  • When you feel alone
  • When you compare yourself to others too much

Other examples of struggles students might encounter:

  • Mastering life and gaining structure
  • Health related issues, prolonged illness, severe or fatal illness within the family
  • Mental conditions (emotions and thoughts, ambitions and goals in life, concentration difficulties and sleep deprivation)
  • Social conditions (uncertainty, conflict with family members/friends or other students)
  • Despair as a consequence of failing on an exam or practice
  • Relationship-crisis or break up
  • Dyslexia – reading and writing difficulties
  • Accommodation, personal economy and career

If you need or wish for counselling, the appointment will be adapted to your needs.

The Student Counsellor is available on campus the following days:

Campus Stord: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, room UND123

Campus Haugesund: Monday and Wednesday, 4th floor, room 4066

The service is free of charge.

Student counsellor

Thomas Mikkelsen

Tlf: 53491360 - +47 40921344