Studenthuset Meieriet

Studenthuset Meieriet is one of the best concert and student scenes in the country. In addition to concerts, there are regular quizzes, pubs, dance nights etc. It is the students of Studenthuset Meieriet that run the day-to-day business of the house. Saman have one employee at Meieriet

Studenthuset Meieriet is much more than just a venue. Studenthuset Meieriet is also a studentorganization. There are several subgroups here which you can be a member of. As an active member you get a lot of benefits. Different divisions of groups are; events, operations, creative and information. Please visit the website or contact Studenthuset Meieriet directly for more information about the different types of divisions and subgroups that exist, and which one would be most interesting for you. 

It is both social and fun to be an active member of Studenthuset Meieriet!