Student organizations in Sogndal

There is a variety of studentorganizations in Sogndal. Here is a short overview.

Studenthuset Meieriet

  • As an activ member of Studenthuset Meieriet, you get experience as an volunteer and a big social network!
  • Studenthuset Meieriet hosts events like concerts, quizzes, theme-nights, pubs and other.
  • Students run the day-to-day business of the house and there are several subgroups you can be a member of. 
  • The subgroups cater to a variety of interests, and are organized within these divisions: creative, information, operations and events.
  • As an active member you also get several more benefits than just ordinary membership at Studenthuset Meieriet. 


  • A studentorganization for everyone that enjoys sports in Sogndal.
  • They offer soccer, volleyball, indoor bandy, basketball, handball, running, gymastics, badminton, american football and long distance skiing.


  • An organization for everyone who enjoy water sports.
  • This studentorganization offers diving, sea-kayaking and whitewater kayaking. 
  • Offers lessons, organizes trips and it's got everything of equiptment one would need to enjoy oneself on and in the water.


  • A studentorganization for you who enjoy being outdoors and hiking, outdoor activity in general. 
  • Organizes and makes trips, lessons and activities on all levels during the entire study year. 
  • Activities are e.g. climbing, bouldering, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking and wild camping.

Laget Sogndal

  • An organization for you that would like a community around faith. 
  • A studentorganization which focuses on faith at different events like lunches for members and trips outdoors.

Organizations based on study program and other leisure activities 

In Sogndal you will also find several organizations based on your study programme. Here on HVL webpages you will find additional information. 

For other and leisure activities in Sogndal click here.