Guest Training

Visit other cities with your student membership

What is guest training? 

With guest training, you as a student can train for free at other student sports centers. You must have an active membership at Spenst Sogndal/Idrettssenteret during the period you want to do guest training and use your membership card when visit.

If you are going to Oslo or Vestfold, you need to obtain a guest training card from Idrettssenteret.

Why do I need a guest training card for some centers?

Since some of the centers have different chip/card readers, we have guest training cards for those centers. You must pick up the card from Idrettssenteret before you travel.

When can I do guest training?

As a student member of Spenst Sogndal/Idrettssenteret, you can do guest training for up to 15 days spread throughout a year. In addition to that, you can do unlimited guest training for up to two months during the summer vacation period (from June 15th to August 15th). To be able to enjoy up to two months of continuous guest training during the summer, you must have a valid membership during the same period. If you don't, you can only do guest training until the end of your membership.

Can I book and participate in group classes while guest training?

You must book a group class through the reception of the center you are visiting, and it is up to each center to decide whether and when you can book yourself into group classes in advance. Where can I do guest training? With an active training membership, you can do guest training at the following places:




Oslo (must have a guest training card)


Narvik and Tromsø


Southeast Norway (must have a guest training card)


When is my training membership active?

Either you have paid for 10 months, or you have an ongoing membership that doesn't expire until you cancel it. Contact Idrettssenteret if you are unsure about when your membership ends.

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