Opening hours during the easter holidays

Opening hours through easter break

Administration and housing

The administration and housing office is closed from saturday 27th. of March to monday 5th. of April. 
Cases through My Page will be checked occacionally. 

Janitors and cleaning personnel

If faults or damage occurs, please leave a case through as usual, it will be processed after the easter holidays. 
In acute cases call operations manager Tor; tlf. 0047 900 60 252

Kafè Campus, Fjordbok and The Student Kindergarten

Are all closed from saturday 27th. of March to monday 5th. of April. 

Student Councellor 

The councellor is available for Zoom appointments the week after easter. Please book an appointment by e-mail or phone, here you will find the contact information.

If urgent: 
Call the emergency room on phone: 0047 116 117

The Studentphone is open every day  

This is a anonymous call/chat service for all students. If you need someone to talk to you can call or chat with the people at the Studentphone. With great knowledge about studentlife they are here for you, they also maintain confidentiality.

The phone and chat service is open every day from 5 pm to 7 am, this includes weekends and holidays. Read more here.