Important information for you as our tenant

December 5th we are launching a new web portal for housing. This means that your old customer page, Boligtorget, will be shut down. This will affect you as a tenant, so we urge you to read this carefully.

Terminating your tenancy agreement?

Your tenancy agreement must be terminated by November 22 if you want your termination period to begin December 1st.

Save tenancy agreements and other documents!
Everything on your page on Boligtorget will be deleted when the system is shut down, and recovery will not be possible. It is therefore important that you download and save your tenancy agreement and other documents (i.e. invoices) you would like to keep.

Remember to pay your invoices
You are responsible for paying your invoices and other outstanding debt within the due date. Remember, you will not have access to the invoices on Boligtorget after November 22nd. so make sure to save the invoices you might need for yourself.
NOTE: The rent for December will be sent out in the new user page December 12th.

As of December 1st there will be a new account number, IBAN and BIC/SWIFT for rent payment! Make sure to use the right payment information. You will find it on your December invoice.

In the new web portal you will also be able to pay with credit card directly online.

You will not be able to log in through Boligtorget to your Miele account.
To use your account in the future you need to log in directly to Miele via the link to your laundry room. To get your user navme and password you put your laundry card in the reader in the laundry room. The information will show on the screen/display. Where there is a reciept printer available you can also print your information.

You laundry room

Elvatunet 1
Møllevegen 6-14
Møllevegen 16-24
Møllevegen 26-34

Reporting defects in your room/building
Until you get access to your new My Page you will have to contact the janitors and housekeepers by email.

We will keep you updated
Everything you will need to know about the new web portal will be sent our December 3rd. You will get a link to the portal, log-in information and instructions on how to use it.

We will make sure you get the information you need to access the new user page. Do you have questions already? Please contact us on