Doing laundry? All our housing areas have their own laundry room.

With the keys to your room you will also get a laundry card. You will need this to use the machines in the laundry room.

Get started

You fill up your laundry card by logging in to your Miele account. 

To get your user name and password you will have to put your laundry card in the reader at the laundry room. Your informastion will then be available on the screen. Where a reciept printer is available can also print out your information.

You laundry room

Elvatunet 1
Møllevegen 6-14
Møllevegen 16-24
Møllevegen 26-34

Use of washer and dryer

  • Put your card in the reader and choose a machine number.
  • Put your clothes in the machine with the same number, put in your choise of laundry detergent, and fabric softener if you want, and choose the program you want to use.
  • Remember to empty the machine in a timely manner to make it available for other tenants.

In Møllevegen the machines have automatic dosing

These machines use following detergents :

  • OMO profesjonell Finvask - for program for delicates
  • OMO profesjonell Hovedvask - for the ordinairy programs
  • Milo Tøyvask - for wool program
  • OMO Profesjonell Skyllemiddel - in all rinse programs

You can turn off the dosing on the machine if you would like to use your own detergent/fabric softener.