Social gatherings in Saman student housing

Rules and guidelines for gatherings in Saman student housing.

If you wish to have a social gathering in a common area in your housing, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines related to this.

Residential regulations

Our residential regulations, including regulations for disturbing the public peace, also applies for Saman property outdoors. Remember that the sound carries extra far outside, or with the windows open.

Reservation of the communal areas

In the case of gatherings in communal areas, there must always be a  person responsible registered on the reservation list that is posted on the information board in the communal area. It is this person who is responsible should anything happen. Gatherings without someone designated as responsible on the list may be ended by security personnel.

NOTE! It is not possible to reserve the tables outside.


The person responsible for the gathering is also responsible for the area being cleared and cleaned by 2pm the following day.


To avoid unwanted guests, we recommend keeping the front door and room door locked.


In case of disturbing noise outside our opening hours, you can contact the police on 02800 for help.