In addition to your own room, everyone in the collective is responsible for keeping the common area neat and clean. Saman Housing has a cleaning check in the start of every week.

Weekly cleaning

Every week a tenant in the collective is responsible for cleaning the common areas. The list of who is responsible is put up on the information boear in the common area.

Someone from Saman Housing will come tuesday for inspection to see if the cleaning is approved. It can be smart to clean monday afternoon to avoid too much 'traffic' by other tenants in the common area before the inspection.
If the cleaning is not approved you will get a notofication on the list by your week. You will be given a day to correct what is not approved followed by a new inspection on wednesday. If it is still not approved the house keeper will take photos and then clean the rest. The tenant responsible will then be billed for the time cf. price list extra services.

Common washdown

Every year there is an obligatory deep cleaning/washdown of the common areas that every tenant has to attend. In the spring you will recieve notice of date and time planned for your area. All tenants are assignet an area to clean followed by a gathering with pizza.

If you can not attend on the planned date(or are moving our earlier) you can make an appointment with the housekepper for a new date. 'No-shows' without an agreemen will be invoiced cf. price list extra services.