New payment system in all laundry rooms

In the period March 16-30, a new payment system will be installed at all our laundry facilities. During installation, there will be somewhat limited access to machines.

The new system is called appWash by Miele. There will be put up notices in all laundries with information about how the new solution works.

A little about the new system:

  • Payment and start of washing machine is done via the app
  • Use of dryer is included in the price of washing
  • You will receive an SMS notification when the wash is finished
  • Any problems with the solution can be submitted directly to the supplier via the app

Your old laundry card

If you still have money on your laundry card, this must be returned, as it will not be possible to use the card with the new solution. You do this yourself on your laundry account page at It normally takes a couple of days before the money is back in your account.
NOTE: The transaction cannot be older than 6 months to have it refunded. If you have a problem with the return of the balance, you can contact us on
When the new system is in place, you can return your washing card in the collection box at your laundry room.

New price and use of machines with new system

The new price for using a washing machine will be NOK 23 for laundry without soap dosing, and NOK 25 for laundry with dosing. This includes the use of a dryer.

Payment and start of the washing machine is done via the app Appwash by Miele.
Dryer is free to use and can be started without an app. This is because we want to increase the use of dryers to reduce drying of clothes inside. Drying clothes inside contributes to a poorer indoor climate and can cause moisture damage. In some cases, drying racks are placed so that they are an obstacle to escape routes.

Faults on machines or questions about payment solution

You will find a chat function in the app for reporting errors. In chat, select 'Prepay' and 'send message' to send. It is important that you state the machine number and your name in the message for Miele to be able to help you.

appWash FAQ