Washing clothes? All our residential areas have their own laundry facilities.

Getting started

 To use the washing machine/dryer, you first need to download the 'appwash' app by Miele. During installation, you will be asked for a laundry code, which you can find on one of the washing machines in the laundry room.

You find the app her in the Appstore

And here in Google Play

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to register and add money to your laundry account to start using the app.

Using the washing machine and dryer

You use the app to start the wash cycle and can monitor in the app when the machine is finished. The dryer can be started without using the app and is included in the washing price.

To receive notifications from the app when the machine is finished, you need to accept push notifications in the app settings.

The price per wash is 23 NOK in laundries without detergent dispensing and 25 NOK in laundries with detergent dispensing.

Remember to empty the machine promptly after it is finished so that it is ready for the next student who wants to use it.

In Møllevegen, there are machines with automatic detergent dispensing. The dispensing uses:

  • OMO Professional Fine Wash - for delicate wash program
  • OMO Professional Main Wash - for regular wash program
  • Milo Laundry Detergent - for wool program
  • OMO Professional Fabric Softener - for rinse program

You can disable the automatic dosing on the machine if you want to use your own laundry/detergent.