Saman Health fund

If you have had large expenses due to health reasons you can apply for a refund. This applies to treatments with a doctor/hospital, psychologist, dentist, chiropractor and physical therapy. Note: there may be changes from 1.01.2018.

How to apply

Attach the needed documentation for the type of treatment you are applying for a refund for.

Send in or deliver the application with attachments to us. 

General framework and conditions for applying

  • You have to be a student at HVL (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) and have paid the semester fee for the semester the treatment is done.
  • Applications for under NOK 500 will not be processed.
  • There is no payment for amounts under NOK 100
  • Applications with lacking attachments will not be processed.
  • The school year is defines as starting August 15th and ending June 30th for graduating students. Graduating students can not recieve a refund for treatment done after June 30th (December 31st for studies ending after the spring semester). Are you studying another year with HVL the summer is included in the fall semester and the school year is defined ending August 14th.
  • The application with the needed attachments must be recieved befor the application deadline.

Application deadline

  • The normal application deadline is 6 months from the date of treatment. Exceptions at year-end.
  • By the end of the year, the deadline for applying for treatments performed before the new year is January 30th. This means that if the treatment is carried out in December 2017, one must apply before the end of January 2018.