A la carte

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Pasta with meat sauce

   Gratin with cheese. Served with salad and bread   
Allergens: milk, durumwheat, wheat flour
May contain: egg, soy 

kr 92,-/78,-


   Served with taco meat sauce,  salad, nachoschips, salsa and sour cream
Allergens : milk
May contain: soy
This dish can be served lactose fee on request.

 kr 105,-/89,


130 gr burger, salad and fries     
Allergens: wheat flourl, sesame seeds, egg, mustard, milk 

kr 94,-/80,-  


130 gr burger, salad and fries 
Allergens: wheat flourl, sesame seeds, egg, mustard, milk 



Marinated filet of chicken. Served wiht salad, tzatziki and couscous  

Allergens: milk, wheat flour, mustard
This dish can be served lactose fee on request.

kr 109,-/93,-

Gourmet filet

Breaded filet of fish served with salad, sour cream dressing and fries

Allergens: fish, milk, egg, mustard, wheat flour

kr 105,-/89,-

Mexican Veggie-burger

140 gr vegetarian burger with salad, salsa, sour cream and fries.

Allergens: wheat flour, milk, sesame seeds, egg

kr 92,-/78,- 



Served with wheat grain pilaff and salsa

Allergens: wheat flour, celery

kr 80,-/68,- 

Cube steak

Served with salad, bearnaise dressing and pommes bistro

Allergens: mustard, egg, milk

kr 108,-/92