How to gain access

In order to gain access to Campus Training Haugesund you need to sign up for a membership in the sportsclub for students (HSI). It will only take a couple of days from you sign up until you gain access on your keycard.

In order to gain access to Campus Training Haugesund, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Price is 500NOk pr year.
  2. Account number 3240.06.00065,
  3. IBAN NO6832400600065, BIC/SWIFT: DNBANOKK 
  4. Vipps payment: 542847 (if you have this opportunity)
  5. Specify your full name, studentnumber and the word “Training”. This text should be written where you usually insert the KID-number.
  6. Send a meeage to HSI via facebook and notify them that you have made the payment
  7. Sign the “code of conduct” and deliver it to HSI.

Within a short amount of time, your studentcard will be granted for access.


Contact HSI email - (which offers several exciting training activities), or ServiceTorget who are happy to help you.