Moving in?

This page contains all the information you need concerning keys and moving in.

Please read the lease, fire regulations and the Residential Regulations carefully.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Did you validate your contract?
You do this by logging in to my page and you may either sign your contract by using your Norwegian Bank ID or by downloading the contract, then print it out, and sign it. You return it to Sammen Bolig at or or by uploading it to my page.

Acquaint yourself with our housing regulations
By signing your contract, you also agree to the terms of our housing regulations. 

What about the deposit?
The deposit has to be paid within the acceptance deadline, which is found on your contract.  You will find an invoice at my page with all the payment information.

Where do I pick up my keys? 
You need to collect your keys with our staff at the adress to your housing offer. Please, make an appoinment by phone or sms:

Vardatun: 901 05 253

Sørhauggata: 480 90 376

(mondays - fridays from 8am - 3:30pm)

Please note that only residents may collect the keys to their housing unit and within the opening hours. When collecting your keys, you will also receive a personal laundry card. Remember to ask for a bicycle parking sticker.

Damagereport and cleaning
Should there be any kind of fault With Your accomodation when you move in this should be reported to the janitor or registered at my page.