Moving out?

Here is what you need to know if you are planning to move out.

Termination of tenancy

Your contract must be terminated at My Page. Click "Terminate lease» and contact us if you do not find the button. Sammen Housing does not accept any other kind of termination of your contract. Contracts have a 3 months’ binding period and a 3 months’ notice period, counting from the 1st of the following month, thereafter. 


If the starting date in your contract is August 1st you can by October register termination of tenancy on My Page. August, September and October is then your binding period. November, December and January will be your 3 months contract duration. The last hosing invoice is then for January and is due 15.01.

Information on when your contract was issued, or other contractual terms, you will find on My Page, or by contacting


Cleaning your student home

By the contract’s expiration date, the residence and fixtures are to be handed over cleaned and in the same condition as when moving in. Make sure to remove all your belongings and empty out the storage room.

We prefer to have a review of the student home with the student that is moving out the same day as the keys are delivered. This is because the tenant can avoid fees for forgetting to clean places etc. We would like tenants planning to move out to contact our staff on Vardatun or Sørhauggata at least 5 days before moving out to arrange an inspection of the student home.

Please do not hand over keys to your friend without making an agreement with our staff first

Tenants moving out of Vardatun can book an appointment for inspection here.

Use this check list to know more about what is expected to be cleaned before moving out.  

Internet equipment

Router and cables for Wi-Fi must not be removed from the residence. If these are missing, you will be charged NOK 1000.

Any extra equipment you have ordered personally, must be returned to Telia by you.


Keys must be delivered by the day your lease is up by 12:00 o´clock. Vi prefer that the keys are delivered during the inspection, but if that is not possible you can also deliver them in the janitor’s mailbox where you live. Remember to put the keys in a closed envelope with your name and room number.


You can sublease your accommodation if you have a formal letter of acceptance from Sammen Housing. As a subleaser you are responsible for the payment of the rent, and for the state of the accommodation. Please note that the leaser must be a fulltime student. Remember to include documentation (student card or admission letter) attached to the application. You are responsible for finding a suitable tenant. Note that the leaser can not have a contract with us throughout the rental period.

This document has to be filled out and sent to us by email: 

We hope that you have had a wonderful time while living with us. You are always welcome if you need a student housing at a later time.