Where and how do I wash my clothes?

Are you going to do laundry and wash your clothes? When you are living in Sammen housing, you can use the laundry connected to your house.

Vi use the system AppWash.

How to use AppWash:

  1. Download the app "appWash by Miele" from Google Play or Appstore
  2. Sign up
  3. Top up balance 
  4. Select machine
  5. Select program on the machine
  6. Load and start

Wash included soap is 25 NOK per wash. Use of the dryer is included.

If you are allergic, you can choose to not use soap and instead add a soap capsule or a "washing ball" with your own detergent directly into the machine.

You can use the chat-function and “send message” on the app to report an error. AppWash will then get the message. We recommend everyone to use the chat-function in the app, but can also be used. It is important that you enter information about the machine number you have problems with and your own name.