Electric car and charging

At Vardatun there are 2 outlets for charging electric cars for our tenants

To gain access to the chargers, you must send an email to bolig.haugesund@sammen.no. You will then receive an invitation by email with a username and password and can then complete the user profile. We use Plugpay as the supplier of the solution.

After e-mail and login information have been received, you can log on to Plugpay. You must fill in the necessary information on your user and then you are ready to start charging. You can also download the app. Start charging will only be possible as an option when you are plugged in.

It costs NOK 4.60 per kwh when charging. When the car has finished charging, it should be moved within 40 minutes. A blocking fee of NOK 0.50 per min. will run while the car is on the charger after it is finished.

We have two chargers available and these have registration ECEYWSG7 and ECJNZ4BB. There is no need for a charging chip to start the charger.

There is also a short user guide film in Norwegian.

The user portal image will look like this and you can press the gear next to the charger in question to get information and start:lading elbil.PNG