Contact us

Our main office is located on 4th. floor HVL Campus Haugesund. We have staff at all our building and you can contact them for technical matters.

Our staff can be contacted during opening hours monday - Friday from 8am til 3:30pm

Vardatun: 901 05 253

Sørhauggata: 480 90 376

Stord: 908 48 656 917 10 255

If you`re alreaday a tenant all questions or cases regarding your contract, invoices, damage reports and so on must be made via my page.


Lost your key?
The staff where you live can help you for free during our opening hours.
If you have lost Your key and we are closed you can call the Security Company: 22 57 73 20 (you need to be able to show an ID)

The fee will be 625NOK for opening the door and there will be a fee for a new key.