Free Healthcare Center

Skåregata 92
Students at HVL are offered free consultations at the Students Healthcare Center on Tuesdays.

The public health nurse are available to students on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 15:00. This service is available between the 15th of January and the 15th of June, and between the 15th of August and the 15th of December.

The students’ health service is located on the fourth floor of “Markedet", the shopping mall in the city center.

The students’ health service can provide you with guidance and advice related to:

  • Lifestyle (hereunder sleep, physical activity, nutrition, tobacco and drugs)
  • Bodily ailments
  • Mental difficulties such as depression, anxiety, mourning or anger
  • Cohabitation and sexuality, pregnancy and abortion
  • Contraception guidance and prescriptions for hormonal contraceptives
  • Sexually transferrable diseases (STDs)
  • Chlamydia testing or testing for other STDs
  • Weight problems, eating disorders
  • Life situation (trouble at home, relationships, concerns for someone close to you etc.)
  • Drug abuse
  • Witnessing or being exposed to violence or assault