Apply for The Social Activity Fund

We are distributing funds to individual students and student organizations that have ideas for social activities and initiatives for students. These can be designed for large or small sized groups.

The purpose of the Social Activity-fund is to create social spaces for students during the pandemic. The 500 000 NOK fund will be disbursed to students and organizations that want to engage students. These events could range from class Kahoots, student barbecues or something completely different. 

Our overall goal is to create and maintain friendships bringing various student communities together. 

What can funds be used for? 

The only limit is your imagination! The fund is not meant for already existing events and programs, but rather new ones. We are looking for initiatives that are intended to build and maintain social relationships and prevent loneliness. 

Depending on the event, you can also apply for extra funds to make the event covid safe. The support can be used for both digital and physical events, and must be implemented with current guidelines for infection control. 

A person or organization can apply for multiple events, but each event must be in a separate application. 

What are we looking for in your application? 

A strong event should have some of the following characteristics, and the application should reflect those: 

  • The event encourages student engagement.
  • The event is accessible to a variety of students.
  • The overall quality of the initiative. 
  • How soon the event could take place.
  • That the event is carried out in accordance with current infection control regulations. 
  • For larger events: if you have a marketing plan. 

The application will be assessed comprehensively and in accordance with the purpose of the fund. It is not a requirement that all criteria are met, but when choosing which initiatives to supportwe will emphasize how many criteria are metEach individual measure does not have to reach out to majority of the student body, but in the overall assessment it is emphasized that the money affects the student body broadly. 

We encourage you to apply quickly – the sooner you apply the sooner your event could become a reality! 

The Social Activity Fund cannot pay for: 

  • Purchase of alcoholic beverages 
  • General operational support for an organization. Funds must be applied for for specific initiatives. If you or your organization want to implement several different events
    they must be applied for separately. 
  • General purchases or investments. 


Processing time for the applications 

Applications will be processed continuously throughout the semester, and a final deadline has not yet been set. The assessment time will be 1-2 weeks. 


How to apply for funding 

To apply for funding, fill out the application form and attach a simple budget.

Apply here 

Events must take place during spring semester 2021 (by 30 June 2021). All physical events should be able to be adjusted if there are changed infection control measures or could be 
completed digitally, so that we ensure that the event can be carried out. 


Do you have questions? 

Contact Project Coordinator Ane Arnestad at 

Sammen Studentliv can also assist with help / guidance either for digital events and technical solutions or guidance on infection control at physical events.