Security deposit

To be able to keep your tenancy agreement and collect your keys, payment for the security deposit has to be registered. You will find your invoice for the deposit on bo.sammen My Page.

This may be deducted from your security desposit after moving out

  • Unpaid rent
  • Expences for damages/deficiencies to the proberty.
  • Other outstanding claims cf. the tenancy agreement

Return of the security deposit

It is important that you register your banking information on Boligtorget for us to be able to return your deposit. For Norwegian accounts we need the account number, for EU/EØS accounts we need IBAN and SWIFT.

For other international accounts please send us your information through a case on bo.sammen or by e-mail to with 

  • Your new address
  • Full name and address for your bank
  • SWIFT/BIC and account number
  • Bank code if your bank has one
  • Full name of the bank account's owner


Saman does not send out invoice on paper.
All invoices from Saman Housing you will find under incvoices on My Page.
Invoice for the rent will be sent out the first working day of each month and due the 15th.

Problems paying when the rent is due?

Contact us as soon as a problem occurs so that we can try and find a solution or give you an extention. 

If we don't hear anything from you, and the rent is not payed, we will send out notices. If you still havent payed we will have to send for collection and you may risk eviction.