All our gyms are currently closed. We are awaiting new date of opening according to government updates.

Last updated 17.04.20 - 1.00 PM

How does this effect my membership?

To prevent potential spread of infection, all gyms are currently closed according to government demands.

When will the center open again?
We hope to open within May, but have to follow the demands of the authorities.

What happens to my membership?
We will compensate for lost time where you can not use your membership when we know the exact date of opening.

I paid for a course, what happens to it?
We will compensate by setting up a new course or reimbursing your expenses. More info later.

Can I borrow equipment to work out at home?
Unfortunately, no.

Can I use guest training?
All gyms are currently closed, but guest training will function normally after opening. We refer to advice on infection control from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

I paid for PT hours, how can I make use of them?
You can use PT services when we open again.

I booked and paid for squash / golf / esport, what happens to it?
You will be offered the opportunity to use your booking later, or be reimbursed.

Other questions? Contact the director:

We ask for understanding that it might take a little more time than usual to get an answer from us via email.