We feel obliged to do what we can to prevent potential transmission and are therefore closing all of our gyms/facilities from and including Thursday March 12th from 6PM.

Last updated 12.03.20 - 8.00 PM

How does this effect my membership?

When will the gym(s) reopen?
Our (initial) aim is to reopen after Easter, but we are following the advice from the Institute of Health, Bergen council and the Infection Control Office.  

I have paid for a course, what happens now?
We will compensate by setting up new courses or refund the full amount of the course fee. More information will soon be available.

I have direct debit with fixed withdrawls, what happens now?
An email will be sent to everyone with direct debit with information concerning this.

I have purchased one month of membership, what happens now?
Your membership will be expanded in accordance with the days we are closed.

Can I train as a guest in other cities?
As a student you can, but we recommend that you keep yourself informed about the information from the gym/facility you would like to exercise at. The Institute of Health recommends keeping a distance from others - we therefore advise against making use of guest training. 

I have paid for a PT session, what happens now?
Your session(s) will be re-scheduled when we reopen.

I have booked and paid for a squash session, whar happens now?
You will be able to re-schedule for a later date, or have your fee refunded.

I have booked and paid for a golf session, whar happens now?
You will be able to re-schedule or have your fee refunded