Updated 29.07.20

Sammen is monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus closely and adheres to the recommendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public HealthInformation concerning you as a resident will be sent to you directly by email or phone. Please check My page and make sure your contact information is correct. 

Sammen Information desk at the Studentsenter is closed until further notice due to the current situation, but Sammen Fantoft Servicesenter is still open. 

Phone and email will be answered weekdays 09AM-3PM, but please note that our response time might be longer than normal.

You can also contact Securitas at 22 88 14 79 at all hours for urgent matters.

Are you picking up your keys and moving in? 

If you have to be quarantined when you enter Norway, please take care when you are picking up your keys.

Please send us an email at informasjon@sammen.no and let us know when you arrive, and limit your time spent in our reception area at Fantoft. We will set up a designated waiting area here for those of you that have to quarantine when entering Norway due to the Covid-19 situation in your home country. This area will be clearly marked, and you will receive your keys in an envelope. We ask that all other questions are sent to us by e-mail.

Do you have questions about the Coronavirus?  
If you can't find the answers on fhi.no/en, you can call them at 815 55015. 

Do you suspect that you are infected? 
If you think you are infected, please call your GP. If you can’t get a hold of them, please call the Emergency clinic at 116117. 

Please email us at bolig@sammen.no as well and inform us where you live. 

Do not show up at the doctor’s office or emergency clinic without appointment. 

Can I have visitors at my residence at Sammen? 
As of right now, we have now restrictions on visitors at any of our residences, but if you share your kitchen and bathroom, we ask you to limit it as much as possible. We ask our residents to not accept any visitors with symptoms of a cold or cough. Please note that this can change at short notice. 

Have you been quarantined or isolated due to symptoms? 
If you are being quarantined or isolated at any of our residences, we ask you to please notify us by email bolig@sammen.no immediately.  
If you have to quarantine in one of our residences, we will make sure that your daily needs are met. 

If you need to wash your clothes, please send an email to renhold.bolig@sammen.no. They will deliver a bucket, soap and a drying rack to your door.

Please note that those of our residents that must quarantine when entering Norway due to the current Covid-19 situation in their home country, will be followed up by their school. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Do you need someone to talk to?
You can still book time with our counsellors or psychiatrists. Read more and book an appointment here.

Is it safe to stay at a Sammen residence now? 
It is just as safe to be in one of our residences as anywhere else. We are closely monitoring the situations and will take measures as recommended by the Bergen Office of Infection Control. We have increased the hygienic measures at all our residences, and we are following up on all those that are quarantined in one of our residences. 

I need to send a case about my room
We ask that you don’t make any cases about anything that can wait.

Urgent matters such as damaged WC, leaks, loss of heating or water, no electricity, stove top for cooking and fridge not working will be repaired.
All our employees will wear mask and gloves when entering an apartment to do the repairs in order to protect you as residents as well as our employees.

I need help with the internet in my room
Anybody who experience any issues with the internet will be helped by Get

You can reach Get Bergen at 55 53 01 30 (remember to press 2 to speak to the Bergen office), or by email  Bergen@get.no.

Can I use the common area in my building?
The common areas are now open, but we will monitor the situation continously, and close them off if needed. This does not apply to shared kitchens or bathrooms.

What about my shared kitchen?
Only those tenants that belong to the shared kitchen may use it, but it is not to be used for social gatherings. We ask that those of you that are quarantined minimize the use of shared kitchens.

Are the laundries open?
Our laundries are open, but we ask that you don't spend more time in the laundry room than necessary.

How can I prevent infection? 
Wash your hands thoroughly and use a paper tissue over your mouth and nose to protect others when you cough or sneeze. Wipe surfaces like your phone or PC frequently with disinfectant wipes. We encourage all our residents to take extra care with hygiene and cleaning in the common areas they use, and be especially thorough with table surfaces, doorknobs and areas around the stove and sink. 

Sammen has also implemented extra hygienic measures, and are treating all high-contact surfaces with an agent that prevents bacteria from sticking to the surface.