The well-being fund is terminated

The well-being fund will be wound up in 2022.

Trivselsfondet 2022 has merged Trivselsfondet, Utstyrsfondet and Arrangementsfondet into one! Trivselsfondet 2022 wants to support initiatives that contribute to activity for students in Western Norway, and the fund's overall goal is to facilitate for new friendships.

Both individuals and student organizations can apply for funding, but the requirements vary slightly depending on whether you apply as a group or an individual. Student organizations must have an organization number.

The processing time for applications will be between 1-3 weeks, and it is not possible to apply for funding for activities that have already been completed.

How to apply?

  1. Find out whether you are applying as an individual or as a student organization and read through the information that is relevant to you further down the page.
  2. If you are applying for a small scale activity: you must first prepare a budget for the activity. Then you can go straight to the form here.
  3. If you are applying for funding for a larger event: you must write an application letter and prepare a budget for the event, before you proceed to the application form here.
  4. If you are applying for funding for the purchase of equipment: you must find out how much the equipment costs. Prepare a budget and paste in links to sites with prices. You must also write a justification for why you need this equipment, and how this will improve, develop or increase the activity in your The application form can be found here.

Do you have any questions about the application process? Send an email to to arrange a guidance meeting.


Apply as an individual:

Are you a student who wants to create activity for other students? Great, Trivselsfondet would love to help with funding!

You can apply to Sammen's Trivselsfond for activities that creates social arenas for students. This can be to organize a BBQ in a park, quiznight with your class, renting iceskates, or something completely different! The important thing is that it creates activity, and that you invite someone you do not know very well. We will not support groups where everyone knows each other well from before, so use this opportunity to include some new ones!

Trivselsfondet wants to support low-threshold, creative activities. How much you get in support depends on what you want to do, and how in line it is with the fund's overall goal of creating new friendships. If you want to go on things like paintball or RiB safaris, you will have to cover most of it yourself. If, on the other hand, you are planning a Quiznight for a bigger group and want to buy pizza, we are happy to take a larger part of the bill.

If you want to organize a larger open event, such as a party for the whole class, a small-scale festival, or something completely different, we are also happy to read your application. The larger the event, the more comprehensive we expect your application to be. We expect you to attach an application letter / project description as well as a budget to the application form for more expencive projects.


How much funding can you get from Trivselsfondet?

Trivselsfondet funds up to NOK 150 per participant per day. For activities that require a ticket (eg paintball, go-cart, Høyt&Lavt, cinema, theater, RIB tour), we cover no more than NOK 100 per person. For food, we cover no more than NOK 70 per person / day.If you apply for funding to both do an activity and to buy food, we will pay a maximum of NOK 150 per person / per day.

For larger events, we will consider each application individually, but we encourage applicants to be cost-conscious and show so in the application.


Reporting requirements for individuals:

It is required that everyone must submit a report with receipts and photos from the event no later than 14 days after the event. Any profit must also be returned to Sammen. If this is not done, Sammen can claim back the entire allotment amount. A link to the reporting-form will be attached in the decision letter for your application.  


Apply as a student organization:

Are you representing a student organization and need funding for any of the following: 1) a small-scale socialactivity for students, 2) organizing a larger event, or 3) purchase equipment for the organization? Trivselsfondet is the place to apply!

You need an organization number to be able to apply as a student organization.


Reporting requirements for student organizations:

Student organizations must also use the funds in line with the decision, however all student organizations do not have to submit a report after the event.  Sammen will ask a random selection of student organizations to show receipts from the purchase. You may get asked to show receipts until the 31st of June 2022, and it is the organizations responsibility to save photos of the receipts until this point. The receipts must be readable and show the date of the purchase, what has been bought, and the costs.


How are the applications assessed?

The applications will be assessed based on how well it meets following criteria:

  • Will it create activity for the student body?
  • Will it facilitate for the creation of new friendships among students?
  • Is it aimed at and open to large parts of the student body?
  • Of how good quality is the application?
  • Is the activity/investment well planned and reasoned?
  • For larger events: is there a plan for marketing the activity/event?

 It is not a requirement that all the criteria are met. Each application will be assessed on the criteria listed, and this will be weighted together with the costs.


Trivselsfondet does not support:

  • Purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  • General operating support for an organization.
  • General purchases or investments for individuals. Student organizations can receive support for such purchases.
  • Funds must be applied for for specific individual measures. If you or your organization want to implement several different measures, this must be applied for in individual applications.


Processing time and application deadline

No application deadline has yet been set for Trivselsfondet . Applications will be processed continuously throughout the semester, and the processing time will be 1-3 weeks. It is only possible to apply for support for activities / measures that is planned for the spring semester of 2022.


Do you have any questions?

Contact Julie Eikeland at


Sammen Studentliv can also assist with help / guidance either for digital events and technical solutions or guidance on infection control at physical events.