Top five winter activities in Bergen

For a short period every year, Bergen gets covered with snow. And when it happens we have to enjoy some winter activities while it lasts.

If you are new to the city, it is not certain that you know where to be when the snow comes. We have made a small top five list for you who want to experience the winter before it is over (addresses and public transport tips can be found after the list).

  1. Cross-country skiing: If you look down at the slopes in the center, you would not think that it was possible to go skiing in Bergen, but there are several incredibly nice opportunities right nearby! The closest is in the city mountains. Take the Fløibanen up to Fløyen and strap on your skis so you can walk for hours around the ski tracks and light paths. If you are willing to take the bus a short distance, there are also great trails on Totland/Frotveit, Gullbotn and at Kvamskogen. Follow the Facebook pages of Idrettservice for condition updates.
  2. Alpine: With the beautiful mountains all over the west coast, it is no surprise that it is possible to do downhill skiing in the area. Some of the best opportunities in the local area are Voss Fjellandsby (Myrkdalen), Voss Resort (Bavallen) and Eikedalen. There are good train connections to Voss, while the bus can take you to Eikedalen. If you are still not tired of alpine skiing in the summer, Folgefonna in Hardanger is a unique opportunity.
  3. Ice skating: Skansedammen, the nice little water at Skansen fire station is frozen in the winter and is a nice place to go ice skating. But if you want a little more space, you can go to Iskanten in Loddefjord (quick bus ride from the center) and Bergenshallen. It is also possible to do ice skating on the Slåtthaug ice rink as well as on the Stemmemyren and Varden tennis court when conditions are right.
  4. Snow sled: For those of you who are visiting from Oslo, you will probably miss the Corkscrew. However, you do not have to go home to ravage on a sled, because as long as the snow is here, it is entirely possible to run down from Fløien! Just be careful with those who come walking!
  5. Curling: In the ice rink at Vestkanten center in Loddefjord they also have a curling rink. So put on your finest clown trousers, find the mop and take the bus in the direction of Loddefjord.



Fløyen: Go up by, or take the Fløibanen by the station at Vetrlidsallmenningen 21. There are about a thousand roads to Rome, but if you have a ski or snow sled to carry you may want to take the shortest.

Totland/Frotveit: Bybane to Nestun center. Here you have to change to bus 71 to Totland (the stop is in Nesttunvegen).

Gullbotn: Take bus 925 from Bergen city center to Gullbotn.

Kvamskogen: Take bus 925 from Bergen to Furedalen alpine center.

Eikedalen: Take bus 925 from Bergen to Eikedalen

Voss Fjellandsby/Myrkdalen: Train to Voss from Bergen. From Voss there is a ski bus to Myrkdalen. If you are out early, you can also take the scheduled bus line 970 from Voss center to Myrkdalen.

Voss Resort: Train from Bergen to Voss. You can jump in on the Voss Gondol straight from the Voss Train Station.

Folgefonna: Take bus 930 to Jondal and change to bus 982 from Jondal to Folgefonna.

Skansedammen: Øvre Blekevei 1 (on the way up to Fløyen).

Iskanten ice rink: Take bus 43 from Bergen city center to Loddefjord terminal B.

Bergenshallen: The light rail from the center to Sletten center. From there it is approx. 5 min walk to Bergenshallen which is located in Vilhelm Bjerknes' vei 24.

Slåtthaug ice rink: Take the Bybanen to Skjoldskiftet and walk approx. 15 min to Slåtthaugvegen 142.

Stemmemyren: Bus 32 to the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Go approx. 10 min to Øyjordsveien 2.

Varden tennis court: Bus 4 towards Hesjaholtet to Allestadveien in Fyllingsdalen.

For other itineraries check or download their travel app, possibly check for train travel. Remember that you have a student discount for most public transport in and around Bergen.