Someone to talk to?

The appointments with our counsellors and psychologists is primarily held by video or phone. From the 20th of April it will be possible to get an appointment in person, if you feel the need for this.  

Our phone: 55 54 51 45 is answered between 8.00 AM - 7.30 PM from Monday till Wednesday and between 8.00 AM and 3.30 PM on Thursday and Friday. 

All courses and group sessions is cancelled until further notice.

During your studies you will probably experience some challenges. Sammen Mental Health can help you with these. If you need to contact us, you'll meet experienced counsellors and psychologists.

Our counsellors and psychologists can help you with problems relating to your studies, conversations regarding personal problems or treatment of mental health issues.  We offer individual counselling, group therapy and a variety of courses.

Everything is free if you've paid the semester fee to Sammen. There is a fee though, if you book an appointment and don't show up or don't cancel it within at least 24 hours before your scheduled meeting.   

Cancel your appointment as soon as you possible can. If you cancel on the day of your appointment, or the day before you'll have to pay a feee of 200 NOK. If you don't show up without notifying us you'll have to pay 400 NOK 

Counselling is a service for students who needs someone to talk to, or wants advice and guidance.  

Typical enquiries could be a lack of structure in your studies, a lack of concentration, or if you struggle to find motivation. Other common topics is loneliness, relations within your family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend or if you experience a loss. 

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Mental health issues can for some students lead to very demanding days and affect their academic performance in a negative way. Anxiety, depression, addiction and a variety of traumas is examples of enquiries to our psychologists 

You don't need a reference from a doctor to book an appointment. 

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All staff at Sammen Mental Health are bound by professional secrecy. Information revealed in your contact with Sammen Mental Health cannot be imparted to others without permission.

At Sammen Mental Health you will meet psychologists and administrative staff. A psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse also hold part-time positions at the centre.

Emergency cases
Sammen Mental Health does not offer a separate emergency service. If your condition requires a quick assessment, please contact your regular GP, Bergen Emergency Clinic (+47 55568760) or Livskrisehjelpen (The Life Crisis Service, +47 55568754) in the same building. The emergency clinic is located in Soheimsgaten 9. For more information visit