The Semester fee

Whats in it for me?

The public institutions of higher education in Norway do not charge tuition fees. However, all students have to register each semester and pay a semester fee. The semester fee must be paid in order to pick up your loan from the Norwegian State Loan Fund (Lånekassen) or to register for your exams. The institutions of higher education send out the semester fee forms. If you have any problems regarding the payment, please contact your institution of higher education.

Students at Sammen's collaborating institutions of higher education who have paid the current semester fee automatically become members of Sammen. This also applies to foreign guest students and scholarship holders. SOKRATES, ERASMUS and NORDPLUS students are members on the basis of their exchange programmes. They are entitled to the same services from Sammen as all other registered students without having to pay the semester fee.

The semester fee finances Sammen's welfare services, which facilitate your everyday life and thus contribute to an efficient learning process. Sammen is a non-profit organisation and the allocation of profits within the organisation finances other parts of Sammen's welfare services.

In line with a binding resolution set by the Welfare assembly, the students at  HiB, NHH, KHiB and BAS also pay NOK 20,- to support the organisation SAIH (Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund). At UiB they pay NOK 30,- to SAIH.

If you have any questions regarding your payment of the semester fee, please contact your institution of higher education.