Status for our services

Here you’ll find updated information regarding our services in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak in Bergen. If you have any questions you can’t find the answer for on our website, please send an email to

Updated May 18.

Sammen Cafeterias

The following cafées and coffeeshops are open. Sammen Catering is also open.

Odontologen 08.30AM - 02.15PM
Sydneshaugen 08.30AM - 02.30PM
Real kaffebar 08.00AM - 02.00PM
Dragefjellet 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Høyteknologisenteret 09.00AM - 02.00PM
NHH 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Merino coffeeshop Closed until August
Biblioteket coffeeshop 08.00AM - 03.00PM
BB-bygget 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Studentsenteret 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Kronstad 09.00AM - 02.00PM
Kronstad Stasjonen coffeeshop 07.30AM - 02.00PM
Kronstad Sidesporet 08.00AM - 02.00PM
Kafé Munck 10.00AM - 02.00PM 
09.30AM - 02.30PM
Kristiania Brygghuset 08.30AM- 02.00 PM
Psykologisk fakultet 08.30AM - 02.00PM
Sv-fakultetet 10.00AM - 02.00PM

Sammen Sports

The following rules now applies at our gyms:

  • You can train at our gyms even if you live outside the municipality of Bergen.
  • Organised activities (student sportteams) can be held inside in groups of maximum 10 people  as long as they can keep 1 meter distance.
  • Keep minimum 1 meter distance in weight rooms.
  • Keep minimum 2 meter distance during high intensity activities such as running class, spinning class and so on.
  • We recommend use of face mask entering and exiting the training center and to and from the work-out area.(not under actual physical training)
  • Clean the equipment before and after use.
  • Guest training is put on hold
  • Drop-in is now available.

The pool is closed until the of June.

There will be no booking of individual workout this summer,  all gyms use bracelet/que systems.

Read more about the booking rules here.

Sammen will do checks of memberships and customer behaviour, but everyone is responsible for following the rules in the new regulations. Violations can result in government fines.

As usual, it is important that everyone who has symptoms stays at home and make sure to get testet. We want to encourage everyone to keep up the good work with focus on Covid-19 preventive measures and safe training.

Information regarding compensation for lost training time during the period is sent to our members via email. We have many different types of members and customer groups, and it is therefore most orderly to send out content that is relevant to each customer.

Sammen Mental Health

Sammen Mental Health will have regular phone hours, but our reception at the Student center will only be partially staffed.

Due to current measures some appointments will be held as a video consultation. If you do not wish to use a digital option, we will try to accommodate for an in-person appointment. Let us know when you book an appointment.

The phone number for booking an appointment with a psychologist is                55 96 88 44.

You can book an appointment with a councellor here.

More information is found here.

Sammen Career center

Most appointments will be held as a video consultations, but you can choose an in-person appointment if you prefer that. Just write a note of it in the additional information field when you book the appointment. 

Digital drop-in is still available Monday through Friday, 2PM-3PM. If you want feedback on your CV and/or cover letter, please send the documents to, and we'll call you between 2PM and 3PM. If you would like a feedback in writing, please state so in your email. The duration is 15 minutes.

The phones are open from 8AM until 3.30PM, you can reach us at                    +47 55 96 88 11.

Sammen Dentist

Sammen Dentist is now open as normal.

To book an appointment please call us at 55 54 52 63. The phone hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 2 PM.

If you have any other questions you can send an email to

More information is found here.

Sammen Housing

The following student houses pick up keys at Fantoft Servicesenter: (Fantoftvegen 14i):
Fantoft, Fantoft familieboliger, Fantoft TRE, Fridalen, Brann Stadion and Nattland.

The following student houses pick up keys at Studentsenteret Servicesenter (Parkveien 1):
Alrek, Damsgård Fosswinckels gate 50b and 67, Frydenbø, Frydenbø 2, Grønneviksøren, Gyldenpris, Hans Holmboes gate, Hans Tanks gate, Harald Hårfagres gate 7 and 9, Hatleberg, Jekteviken, Klostergaten, Løbergsveien, Magnus Barfotsgate, Øyjordsveien, Solheimslien and Sverresgate.

 You will find the opening hours here.

Please note that only residents may collect the keys to their housing unit and within the opening hours. If someone else has to pick up the keys for you, you have to register a case from My Page with the name of this person.
When collecting your keys, you will also receive a personal laundry card. Remember to ask for a bicycle parking sticker should you need that.

We ask that you email us at or call at 55 54 50 00 rather than showing up in person unless it is absolutely necessary. You cannot visit the servicesenter if you are quarantined or showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Everything runs as normal, and cleaners and caretakers have applied extra measures for infection prevention. We still ask you to wait sending any cases to the caretaker or cleaners that are not urgent.

If you are quarantined at one of our residences, you can find information here.

If you are asked to quarantine or isolate in one of our residences, we ask that you please fill out this form.

Sammen Kindergarten

Our kindergartens are now at a yellow infection control level, and are back to normal operations.

The Studentphone

This is a anonymous call and chat service for all students. If you need someone to talk to you can call or chat with the people at the Studentphone. With great knowledge about studentlife they are here for you, and they also maintain confidentiality.

The phone and chat services are open every day from 5 pm to 7 am, this includes weekends and holidays.

Phone number within Norway: 116 126, then dial 3
Phone number from abroad: +47 911 16 123
(the fee is set by your telecom operator).

In addition you can also chat online with Studenttelefonen.