Status for our services

Here you’ll find updated information regarding our services in relation to the new Covid-19 outbreak in Bergen. If you have any questions you can’t find the answer for on our website, please send an email to

Updated 23.09.2020

Sammen Cafeterias

All our cafés and coffeshops beside Studentstenteret is closed until Friday September 25. We hope for a careful re-opening Monday September 28.

The Studentsenter café is open 10.30-13.30 Monday through Friday.

Sammen Sports

Lehmkuhlhallen is now open again.

The sports halls at Studentsenteret and Fantoft will open on Monday September 21 at 12 noon. 

All our other gyms are currently open, but you must book time at some of the gyms and for the pool.

You can book gym time and time at the pool here.

It is still possible to buy drop-in if the gym is not fully booked. Contact the gym you want to use, to check their capacity.

The locker rooms are still open, but you cannot use the showers before Wednesday September 23 the earliest. We do recommend that you have changed to gym clothes before you arrive.

You will not get a mark if you cannot meet to a class you have booked if it is due to symptoms or quarantine. Contact the gyms that has the class for more information.

Sammen Health and the Career center

Appointments will mainly be offered as videoconsultations. For those who cannot use this for various reasons we will try to facilitate by appointment a consultation in person.

Drop-in at the Career center will be done digitally. 

Sammen Therapy and courses.

Sammen Career center.

Our dentist office is open.

Sammen Housing

Everything runs as normal, and cleaners and caretakers have applied extra measures for infection prevention.

If you are quarantined at one of our residences, you can find information here.

If you are asked to quarantine or isolate in one of our residences, we ask that you please fill out this form.

Sammen Barnehage

Everything runs as normal, but we do follow the measures for infection prevention given to us by the city of Bergen and the Infection Control Office.