Wednesday - walking group

A little movement and activity can be highly beneficial for you as a student during the dark season we're entering, especially as we approach the exam period.

Engaging in physical activity contributes to better sleep, improved memory and increased mood. It reduces stress hormones and increase energy in everyday life. That's why we would like to invite you to join for a simple evening stroll with the purpose of getting some fresh air, moving the body, and sharing smiles with other friendly faces. We will have a trip each Wednesday.     

We have registration for the trips so that we have your contact information in case we need to communicate changes along the way. You only sign up once. We fully understand that the exam period is busy and the dark season can be challenging, and we won't take it (too) hard if your lovely face doesn't show up every time. Of course, we hope to see you on all the trips!

You can find the registration form here: 

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These are the trips we will walk: 


We will check how many swans and ducks we can count on the walk around Tveitevannet. The lake is located near Sletten center, and the route is approximately 2 km on flat terrain. Many people run, take a walk with their dogs, or stop by the exercise equipment that we will pass on this route. The trail is well-lit the entire way, making it a perfect round for a late autumn evening. 

🗓️ Date: October 18  

📍 Meeting Point: 6:00 PM at Sletten Center light rail stop  

⏱️ Duration: 30 minutes 


Store Lungegårdsvann 

The loop around Store Lungegårdsvann is slightly less than 3 km, on completely flat terrain, and mostly on asphalt or gravel paths. It's a nice and popular round for an evening walk! 

🗓️ Date: October 25  

📍 Meeting Point: 6:00 PM at Florida light rail stop  

⏱️ Duration: 45 minutes 



Are you studying at Kronstad or living nearby? Then, a walk around Solheimsvatnet is perfect as a break from studying or as a pre-dinner walk. 

🗓️ Date: November 1  

📍 Meeting Point: 6:00 PM at Kronstad light rail stop  

⏱️ Duration: 30 minutes 

Around Nordnes 

We meet at Torgallmenningen and head towards Nordnesparken via Klostergaten and Haugeveien. We walk through Nordnesparken and return to the city center via Strandgaten. This will be a round of a little over 3 km. 

🗓️ Date: November 8  

📍 Meeting Point: 6:00 PM at "Den blå stein" on Torgallmenningen  

⏱️ Duration: 45 minutes 


Along Svartediket 

In the depths between Fløyen and the peak of Ulriken, we walk a bit into the valley along Svartediket. The area is perhaps better known for the discovery site of the Isdal Woman, which is a bit further into Isdalen. The walk goes back and forth the same way in simple terrain. 

🗓️ Date: November 15  

📍 Meeting Point: 6:00 PM at "Årstadveien" bus stop  

⏱️ Duration: 45 minutes 


Solheimsviken and Nygårdsparken 

We meet at the Florida light rail stop, then walk into Solheimsviken. We walk along the pier to Småpudden, cross over to BI, and continue into Nygårdsparken before returning to the Florida light rail stop. This will be a round of approximately 2 km and takes 30 minutes. 

🗓️ Date: November 22  

📍 Meeting Point: 6:00 PM at Florida light rail stop  

⏱️ Duration: 30 minutes 


Lille Lungegårdsvann 

Most people have probably been around Lille Lungegårsvann, but now you have the opportunity to walk around with us! In the city center lies this beloved lake with a beautiful reflection of nearby lights and buildings in a bustling urban setting.  

🗓️ Date: November 29  

📍 Meeting Point: 6:00 PM at Festplassen  

⏱️ Duration: 30 minutes