Find a Treningsbuddy!

Do you miss working out with someone? Do you want to get to know someone new while working out? Find a Treningsbuddy!

What is Treningsbuddy?

Treningsbuddy is a new service from Trene Sammen that allows you to find a likeminded workout partner. Treningsbuddy is suitable for anyone looking for someone to workout with.

You choose which activities you are interested in and how often you want to meet your Treningsbuddy. You can choose activities you are already familiar with, or you can explore new forms of exercise. There is no need for previous training experience.

Once you have registered, you will receive the contact info to a likeminded Treningsbuddy. You are responsible for reaching out to your new Treningsbuddy.

The service is free!

If you are a student, and not a member of Trene Sammen, we will offer you and your Treningsbuddy one free workout. You can choose which one of our locations you would like to try. Please contact to arrange registration.

Important to remember:

  • Follow the guidelines below.
  • Membership in Trene Sammen is not required to use the service, but you will need to buy a membership to use the facility.
  • We offer one free workout at an optional Trene Sammen location to students who are not a member of Trene Sammen. Please contact to arrange registration 
  • Your contact information will be shared with your assigned Treningsbuddy.
  • If you do not receive a response from your assigned Treningsbuddy, please contact
  • Trene Sammen is not responsible for activity or communication between users of the service.
  • Contact us in case of violation of applicable guidelines. 


  • You can leave the service at any time.
  • You must be a member of Trene Sammen to use their facilities with your Treningsbuddy.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that correct personal data is registered in Trene Sammen's systems at all times. This information can be changed by contacting us at
  • You must treat everyone with respect and refrain from any form of communication, action or
    treatment that may be perceived as offensive.
  • You must avoid all forms of physical contact and sexually charged verbal intimacy which 
    is perceived as undesirable to the other person.
  • Please contact us if you experience undesirable or unpleasant incidents, behaviour or other unfortunate circumstances.