Test lab

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Do you want to train more effectively? Our test lab helps you reach your training goals. Here you can test your oxygen uptake and lactate threshold.

Our tests

We at Sammen Trening tests everyone from active exercisers to professional athletes, and helps everyone reach their training goals. Endurance athletes like to train large amounts and it can be very harmful to train too much or too hard.

Our tests help you find weaknesses and strengths, measure progress (when testing several times), increase the training effect and estimate performance capacity.

Maximum oxygen uptake - VO2 Max

Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max) is the largest single factor for performance in endurance, and is the body's maximum ability to absorb oxygen. In this test, we also find the athlete's maximum heart rate. The test can be performed on a treadmill, bicycle or rowing machine, and can be used as part of the training program that will give a good indication of the capacity and effect of the training.

Lactate threshold - Lactate profile

Testing of lactate threshold is done to find the highest intensity where there is a balance between lactic acid production and elimination. This intensity is often called lactic acid threshold and together with VO2 is at most the most important factors for performance in endurance. This test will to a large extent be able to say what is the correct intensity of your sessions for the best possible effect of the workout, as well as measure the effect and any progress after the completed training program.IMG_8468.JPG


VO2-max NOK 900
Lactate threshold NOK 1100  
Kombi test NOK 1350 (both test)

Discount of NOK 150 if you are a member of Sammen Trening, or if you are a group of eight or more who will test.

Test booking

If you want more tests or your own specially tailored tests, we are happy to make your own arrangements for you. If you are a team or several in a company that wants testing, we will tailor arrangements together with you..

Contact us: testlab@sammen.no or phone: 93 44 62 64